If you have scheduling conflicts or if you’re running late to rehearsal, please communicate with our stage manager, Elena Maddy.  You can reach her by text or email.  (916) 749-9613  However, Elena will be out of the country until September 18th. Please email the main huckleberry email address if you need help while she is gone.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Cast List, Boise Idaho

Additional Character Groupings

Ensemble Men:

Eric Nelson – Mr. Hoallum
Rick Folwell – Mr. Sanders
Ron Folwell – Preacher
Cris Wesselman

Ensemble Women:

Maya Martineau – Mrs. Hoallum
Kate Ward – Mrs. Sanders
Juliet Hansen – Preacher’s wife
Nikki Wesselman
Melinda Boschi
Debbie Tucker
Alyssa Koval
Joy Maryanski
Camille Wilcox (+ bride understudy)
Bryn Benjamin (+ bride understudy)

Youth Ensemble:

Brylee Beckstead
Aya Belnap
Brynn Belnap
Jonathan Belnap
Lucy Edvalson
Loralei Hankins
Isaac Nicolaysen
Trent Nielsen
Aleya Rourke
Delphine Ward