If you have scheduling conflicts or if you’re running late to rehearsal, please communicate with our stage manager, Kate Ward.  You can reach her by text or email.   (478) 733-2268  or

A few notes about the schedule:  
1) We now have a location for rehearsals!  We’ll be meeting at 7085 W Overland Road for all rehearsals.  This address is listed on each rehearsal date for your reference.  
2) All page numbers listed in the schedule are from the purple script books with the spoken lines.  Not all actors will need a purple script.  No page numbers in the white vocal books will be referenced in the schedule – only song numbers using the number symbol (#). 

We have had a few minor changes to the cast list.  The list below is current as of 6/18/24.

Anastasia the Musical Cast List, Boise Idaho 2024

Additional Character Groupings

Military Actors:
(in no particular order)

Stuart Carson
Tommy Milton
Cameron Smith
Caleb Hessing
Emily Wood
Michaela McElroy
Eliana Archembeault
Ella Hessing

We’ll Go From There Singers:
(in no particular order)

Ryan Manwaring
David Maryanski
Rebecca Tolman
Elisabeth Maryanski
Denelle Elison
Melissa Brodhead
Kyah Manwaring
Josh Elison
Jason Hessing
Aidan Cook

Doubled Cast Lists and Performance Dates

Petersburg Cast:

Savannah Hardy (Anya)
Trevor Ferguson (Dmitry)
Matt Milton (Vlad)
Sara Hanson (Countess Lily)
Josh MacMillan (Gleb)
Brookann Hessing (Dowager Empress)
Lilly Rowlette (Young Anastasia)
Alessia Love Benson (Romanov Sister)
Magdalen Bigelow (Romanov Sister)
Rosalia Moll (Romanov Sister)
Jonathan Belnap (Alexei)

The Petersburg Cast will perform on the following dates/times:

Friday, August 9th (opening night)
Wednesday, August 14th (evening)
Friday, August 16th (evening)
Saturday, August 17th (matinee)



Leningrad Cast:

Shelby Ulrich (Anya)
Cody Bray (Dmitry)
Joseph Stevenson (Vlad)
Jessica Piccillo (Countess Lily)
Chase Weed (Gleb)
Carmie Golightly (Dowager Empress)
Allison Yavruian (Young Anastasia)
Cait Deely (Romanov Sister)
Kinsley Wardle (Romanov Sister)
Karina Golightly (Romanov Sister)
Beckham Ulrich (Alexei)

The Leningrad Cast will perform on the following dates/times:

Saturday, August 10th (matinee)
Saturday, August 10th (evening)
Thursday, August 15th (evening)
Saturday, August 17th (closing night)