For this show, each person in the cast will have at least 2 costumes.  Some people will have more than 2.  We have several people who will be working on costumes so you might be costumed by multiple people at various times.  As much as possible, we will come find you during a rehearsal break (usually before or after rehearsal) to ask you try on costume pieces.  

Please be patient with us as we work through all of the costume needs systematically.  This is a big costume show and there are a lot of people to costume.  We promise we will get to your costume pieces as we go along.  Trust the process!  

Underclothing and Shoes

Because of the many costume changes in this show, all actors will need to provide their own modesty underclothing in addition to your typical underclothing.  Your modesty underclothing needs to be worn at all times to allow for modest costume changes. 

For women and girls, this can be biker/exercise shorts and a tank top or a shaper/spanx.  For men and boys, it can be a pair of exercise shorts or even basketball shorts and a tank top or t-shirt.

Adult women, please provide your own pair of character shoes.  If you are in the Romanov family or a Romanov dancer, it would be ideal if your character shoes are nude colored but we can work with what you have.  Please let us know if you need assistance acquiring your character shoes.

Men and kids may be asked what shoes you can provide from home.  We can supply shoes for you from our supply as needed if you don’t have any styles that will work.  Men may also be asked about any suits you have from home.  

All other costume pieces will be provided for you.  You do not need to purchase anything.


For adults: We will be using stage makeup for this show.  We typically ask that you provide your own stage makeup and that you apply it yourself.  However, if you need help with this, please get in touch with us and we can make arrangements to help you.  

For Youth Ensemble: You can wear stage makeup if you want to, but you can also use regular “street” makeup. Girls can wear blush and a bit of light colored lipstick (not bright red).  If they want to, girls can also add foundation and mascara.  Boys only need to wear blush but can add more makeup if desired.


Some people ask where to get stage makeup from.  The best option is to go downtown to “The Crazy Neighbor” store in Boise.  They can help you get makeup that is matched to your skin tone.  A basic Ben Nye kit should do just fine but if you want to get a larger kit it will give you more options.  Here is a link to their stage makeup page on their website:


Men and boys: 
Please have your hair neatly combed and styled.  Men, please talk to Kevin about facial hair (growing it out, styling it, shaving it).  He will tell you the specifics for your character.

Young girls (13 years old and younger): 
You can wear your hair pulled back from your face in a half up/half down style or in braids or pig tails.  You can also do a 20s style if you’d like to.  You will have a poor costume and a 20s costume so it would be great to find something that would work for both styles for the entire show.  Just be sure it is pulled back away from your face.  I’ll add sample pictures below soon.

Older girls and women: 
You will likely need to change your hair during the show depending on the scenes you are in.  Everyone will have a poor costume and a 20s costume.  Some people will also be a Romanov royal or a military officer or a Russian dancer. Russian influences and 20s inspired is the name of the game.  I will add sample pictures below soon.

Dowager Empress’s and Savannah/Anya: 
You will be wearing wigs for this show.  We will provide the wigs but you will need to prep your hair to wear a wig.  If you need help with hair pins or wig caps, please let us know and we can support you. 

There will also be plenty of hats and head wraps worn in this show.  Not in every scene but keep this in mind as you plan your hairstyles.