Cast Info

Welcome!  We’re so excited you are here!  We hope you are geared up and ready to get this party started.  We’re looking forward to a great show with you!!

We’ll use this page to share important information with you. The most recent info will be at the top of the page.  


Our first full cast rehearsal will be on June 10th!  Can’t wait to see you all there!!  Please note, there are two rehearsals before this date for a few lead roles.  Check the schedule tab for details.  

Your Production Team


Kevin Nielsen

Music Director

Lindsay Whittig Headshot

Lindsay Whittig


Hanna Christensen Headshot

Hanna Christensen

Stage Manager

Kate Ward Headshot

Kate Ward

Assistant Stage Manager

Tom Wilkinson Headshot

Tom Wilkinson

 Set Designer

Beth Summers Headshot

Beth Summers

Costume Designer

Laura Nielsen


Jason and Brookann Hessing

Jason and Brookann Hessing


Kevin and Laura Nielsen

Laura and Kevin Nielsen