Paper Scripts:

For this show, you can write in your scripts with anything you’d like (pen, highlighter, etc.) as we do not need to erase them at the end of the run.  However, we DO need to return them so we’ll be collecting them at the end of the showIf you are not a named character and would like to purchase a copy of the purple script booklet, you are welcome to buy one at our cost of $12.00 and you will be able to keep it at the end. If we do not give you a purple script, you do not need one for your role so purchasing one is completely optional.  Other than purchasing an optional script, we are not charging a script deposit so please take good care of your script and please don’t lose it!

Electronic Scripts:

For this show, we do not have electronic scripts.

Music Tracks

The music tracks can be accessed through the “Show Ready” iphone app by clicking here (also available on PC or Mac by clicking here). 


Type in or copy and paste this crazy random word code for the “cast password” access code.


Choreography Video Playlist

Choreography videos will be shared here  Please do not share these videos online…they are only for you to rehearse with.  Click the drop down in the top right corner to get to additional videos in the playlist.