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Welcome!  We’re so excited you are here!  We hope you are geared up and ready to get this party started.  We’re looking forward to a great show with you!!

We’ll use this page to share important information with you. The most recent info will be at the top of the page.  


Cast Party! We’re so excited to celebrate with you at our upcoming cast party!!!  Here are the details.  
Date: Friday, December 8th @ 6:00 pm
Location: The Grange Hall ( 11692 W President Dr Boise ID 83713)  
Who: All cast and crew who participated in Seven Brides + any of your immediate family members who would like to attend 
Huckleberry will provide the main dish and drinks.  Please bring a side dish or a dessert to share!  No need to sign up, just bring what you’d like.  We’ll have some (optional) games, gifts, and a slideshow provided by Nikki.  If you haven’t submitted your photos and videos, you can upload them to this Google drive.

The main dish will be a taco bar and we’ll plan to have a separate food table for those who need allergy free options (I know there are several people who need gluten free options, please let us know if you have any other dietary restrictions we should know about!!) 

Dress Rehearsal Photos:  Here is the link to the photos taken by our photographer.  If you do share her photos online, she would appreciate a tag to her business profile (Maryanski Photography).  

And here is the link to the photos that Laura took on Wednesday’s dress rehearsal.
T-shirts: We’ve finally got our cast t-shirts set up for you!  Ordering a cast shirt is totally optional and is just something fun that we like to offer.  Here is the link for the online store.  This link will also be added to our cast website so you can find it.  You can customize the back of your shirt if you’d like for an additional charge or leave it blank. 
The deadline to order t-shirts on our group order is Saturday, October 28th.  You can still order after that, but you’ll have to get in touch with the shirt company directly and possibly pay extra shipping or pick it up on your own. 
Comp tickets: As a reminder, if you still need your comp tickets, please let Laura know as soon as you can.  We’re setting a deadline of Friday, October 27th to get those comp tickets requests to us.  We might not have seats available after that date.  You can email Laura ( or request them when you see me at rehearsal.  Whatever is easiest for you.  
Rehearsal photos/videos: We have created a shared Google folder that you can put any pictures or videos from rehearsal into. Some of what you put into this folder will be in our final cast video that is shared at the cast party after the show is over.
Here is the link to the Google folder:
Sharing videos online…for this show, we are allowed to share small amounts of video online but due to copyright, we ask that you don’t share rehearsal videos online if it has the music tracks playing in the background. You can share anything that we have created that is on our Huckleberry Star social media business accounts (FB and IG). We will have some video with tracks there but not to exceed what is in our contract. Still photos of rehearsals are totally fine to share!

If you have scheduling conflicts or if you’re running late to rehearsal, please communicate with our stage manager, Elena Maddy.  You can reach her by text or email.  (916) 749-9613  However, Elena will be out of the country until September 18th. Please email the main huckleberry email address if you need help while she is gone.

September 6th: First rehearsal!  This will be a read-through/sing through of the entire show and will go until 9:30 pm.  

Scripts: We are not charging a script deposit for this show so please take good care of your script and do your best not lose it!  For this show, scripts CANNOT be written in with anything other than pencil and all pencil marks must be erased at the end of the show when you turn your script in. We also have an electronic script option for you.  Please click on the script tab in the menu for information on how to get access to the electronic script.  

Bios: You will need to write a bio that will be in the program and shared online.  The deadline for getting your bio turned in is September 28th.  We have two options for you: 

If you’d like to write your own bio, fill out this Google form:

If you need help writing your bio, fill out this form:

Picture days: We’ll have two picture days for headshots to choose from.  We’re not going to assign you a specific day this time around (other than youth ensemble) so please choose one of the picture days (no need to sign up) and come prepared on your chosen day to have your photo taken.  

– Picture day #1: Monday, September 18th – youth ensemble need to have their photo taken on this day
– Picture day #2: Wednesday, September 20th

Please wear a solid colored shirt but preferably not a t-shirt.   Ladies have your hair and makeup done as desired.  Guys have your hair combed and styled as desired (no hats).


Costumes: We will be bringing in most of the cast for a separate costume fitting appointment.  Please see the costume tab in the menu to schedule your costume fitting time slot!  


Invited dress rehearsal:  We will not be able to have an invited dress rehearsal for this show as we have in the past.  Instead we will be offering each cast member 4 comp tickets to any of the 4 performances.  Please get in touch with Laura to get those comp tickets.  

Selling tickets: The best thing you can do to make this a successful show is bringing a positive attitude and also helping us sell tickets!  Talk to everyone you know and personally invite as many people as you can!!  We really rely on our cast to help spread the word far and wide!  The website you can send people to in order to purchase tickets is:


Your Production Team


Kevin Nielsen

Music Director

Krista Carroll


Angie Benson

Assistant to the Director

Sierra Nielsen

Stage Manager

Elena Maddy

Assistant Stage Manager

Kinley Cluff

 Set Construction

Kevin Nielsen

Costume Designer

Laura Nielsen

Costume Team Lead

Nikki Wesselman


Jason and Brookann Hessing

Jason and Brookann Hessing


Kevin and Laura Nielsen

Laura and Kevin Nielsen