We are planning on bringing the majority of the cast in for a separate costume fitting appointment outside of our regular rehearsal time. You do not need to buy anything for your costume.  We ask that you provide your own underclothing and if you are a woman and happen to have your own character shoes to provide those as well.  All other costume pieces will be provided for you.

Brides and Brothers (including Adam and Milly) do not need to come in for a costume fitting just yet since we’re building those costumes from scratch.  Everyone else can schedule an appointment.

Note: Adult Ensemble and Youth Ensemble for this show will have one costume that you wear for the entire show and you will not need to change.  


For adults: We will be using stage makeup for this show.  We typically ask that you provide your own stage makeup and that you apply it yourself.  However, if you need help with this, please get in touch with us and we can make arrangements to help you.  

For Youth Ensemble: You do not need to wear stage makeup.  Girls can wear blush and a bit of light colored lipstick (not bright red).  If they want to, girls can also add foundation and mascara.  Boys only need to wear blush but can add more makeup if desired.

Several people have asked where to get stage makeup from.  The best option is to go downtown to “The Crazy Neighbor” store.  They can help you get makeup that is matched to your skin tone.  A basic Ben Nye kit should do just fine but if you want to get a larger kit it will give you more options.  Here is a link to their stage makeup page on their website:


Men and boys: 
Please have your hair neatly combed and styled.  Men, please talk to Kevin about facial hair (growing it out, styling it, shaving it).  He will tell you the specifics for your character.

Young girls (under 16): 
You can wear your hair in braids, pig tails, or in a half up/half down style (similar to the brides – see below).  Just be sure it is pulled back away from your face.

Older girls and women: 
You can wear your hair pulled back into half up/half down styles (similar to the brides – see below).  There may be a few of you that we will have wear a wig. Women, you can also choose an older female hair style that is period appropriate if you’d like to age your character up. See below for aged up looks.

Please wear your hair in a half up/half down curly style.  Tight curls are better than loose curls if you can manage it.  Here are some pictures for reference.  There may be a few brides that we will have wear a wig.

Aged up hair styles for women